The Long Awaited Blues Series

Well behaved is seldom Memorable. Spice up your dance and make it sizzle!
(and save an extra $5) 

Seems like whenever I go out dancing I get comments from West Coast dancers that they like the Blusey style of my WCS. I know Jason gets the same comments. Not only is it cool and WAY FUN, but it seriously expands the kinds of music you can dance to. It no longer needs to be what is “normally” considered a WCS song. Which means more dancing! And who doesn’t like that!

So here it is. The long awaited class series that will address this fun and innovative style of dancing. Anybody can take this series, but it was especially designed with WCS dancers in mind.

We will start off the first hour with some Blues dancing fundamentals in the Ballrooming Blues style. Don’t expect a lot of jazzy solo moves from the Jukin’ style of blues dancing here. We will focus on the Blues movements and style that will best combine with your WCS. This Blues fundamentals class series is open to everyone, including new dancers.

The second class of the evening, West Coast Blues, will be a fusion class. Combining the blues movements taught in the Ballroomin’ Blues class with West Coast Swing. You need to have had a WCS class to take this one. We won’t be teaching WCS as such, and will expect you to already know some of the WCS moves (although some review will be inevitable). What we will be showing you is how to take the WCS moves and add an extra layer or dimension to your dancing through the use of Blues movement. A blues class or two is also helpful, but if you are taking the Ballroomin’ Blues in the first hour, that works just fine.

So whether you just want to learn how to dance the Blues or you want to take you West Coast Swing to the next level of serious fun, this series is for you!

Ballroomin’ Blues / West Coast Blues

6-week series
Monday Nights
the Open Room @ Kenolio Park, Kihei
Feb 20th thru March 26th
7pm – 8pm Ballroomin’ Blues Class
8pm – 9pm West Coast Blues Class
9pm – 10pm Open Dancing
$35 per series for either class
$60 per series for both classes

Save an extra $5 by pre-registering!

Register for the series at Swing Maui’s online registration page and get an additional $5 off the above prices. It’s fast and easy. Our registration system lets you PAY AT THE DOOR on the first night of class  or pay by Paypal or Credit Card at the time you register. Just select the appropriate radio button to chose your payment method. How cool is that! Either way, we will get your info and reserve your spot! Click on or copy the link into a browser.

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