Follow the Swing Maui Dancers on your Cell Phone!

Want to know where all the dancers are dancin’ tonight?
Want to know where the happening spots are right this minute?
Want to know if the band is hoppin’ and the joint is jumpin’?

Get on the Swing Maui text message distribution list and follow all the action! It’s easy, safe & anonymous… you don’t need to sign up for twitter, twaddle or twiddly squat.

Just text the message: “follow swingmaui” or “on swingmaui” to 40404 and you will get text message updates to your phone as they are sent.*

Twitter actually sponsors this service, so if you don’t have a twitter account linked to your phone number, they will send you a message trying to get you to join up. Create an account or don’t. Your choice. You can ignore the solicitation text from Twitter (you will only get it once when you follow) and just read the Swing Maui texts.

Swing Maui organizers and volunteers keep in touch this way, so we all know where we are dancing tonight, the lead/follow balance and other info about what’s happening at the moment. Join the fun!┬áIt’s the way the cool cats keep up with the club hopping.

Not going out tonight and don’t want to see the updates? That’s easy, too.
Just text the message: “leave swingmaui” or “off swingmaui” to 40404 and you won’t get any updates. Turn it on or off as often as you wish. It’s the bees knees!

* Standard text message or data rates may apply (I’ve always wanted a chance to say that)

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