Let’s welcome Christine Corey back to Maui!

She will be teaching Swing Dance in Paia on Wednesday nights, starting October 23rd.   Swingin Wednesdays MYS

A Crash Course in Swing

with instructor Christine Corey
This is the perfect introduction to Swing Dancing and partner dancing in general. In this class we will start with the East Coast Swing basics and work our way up to moves and combinations. We top it off with some introductory Charleston. This is a fun class and a great way to get started. No partner needed. All ages welcome. Class Meets Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm at Maui Yoga Shala, located at 381 Baldwin Ave. The 4 week series costs $40 or $12 drop in. Sign up for 4 weeks & take Beginning Lindy Hop for $25. Email olyswing@gmail.com or visit swingmaui.org

Beginning Lindy Hop

with instructor Christine Corey
Lindy Hop was made popular in Harlem in 1930s and 40s, The Swing Era. The dynamic movement sets it apart from other partner dances. Class will focus on the fundamentals of Lindy Hop. In addition to basics we will introduce beginning moves and turns as well as introductory Charleston. No partner needed. All Ages Welcome
Class Meets Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:30pm at Maui Yoga Shala, located at 381 Baldwin Ave. The 4 week series costs $40 or $12 per Sign up for 4 weeks and you can take A Crash Course in Swing for $25. Email Christine at olyswing@gmail.com or swingmaui.org

SWING DANCERS WANTED! Eddie and the Promises @ Wailuku First Friday!

All Swing Dancers invited to come in costume and dance!

Eddie and The Promises,  Wailuku First Friday, October 4.

6 – 9 pm, at stage under the Banyan Tree.  Costume Contest with prizes, including dinner for two at the Saigon Cafe.

Andrew Sutton Workshop – January 17-19

Andrew Sutton is visiting the weekend of January 17-19! He is offering a base curriculum, but we also get to pick one class – each person gets to vote for one class on Saturday and one on Sunday.


Saturday Options

Things that make your partner go Mmmm…

For the Follows, this class will teach several different “tricks” that follows can do to make the lead think she is incredibly creative and fun to dance with. For the Leads, this class will teach you how to be receptive to your partner and how to make up moves of your own on the spot by working with your follow and her movement. Plus, you will get loads of practice with your Non-Evil Arm Lead/Following.

Aerial Fundamentals

This class covers some fundamental techniques to use in all of your aerials. We will discuss proper take-offs & landings, the reverse up/down principles for leads & follows, how to remain connected & grounded while in the air ?!?!?!?!, & what changes an aerial from average to amazing. Plus we will learn some fun aerials! No partner needed. All aerials will be safe enough to do with everyone.

Being Creative

Through Andrew’s facilitation, not only will you be creating your own moves but you will learn some great techniques to make it easy to create moves that both feel great and look great too!

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Sunday Options

Creating a Story-Choreographing on the Fly

Are you just putting random moves together when you dance or are you telling a whole story? Even during a social dance you can use concepts from choreography to tell a story. In this class, you will learn how to choreograph & create your own story on the fly for every dance.

Creating Your Own Dance for Every Song

Lindy Hop is a dance. Blues is a dance. Balboa is a dance. Each of these dances evolved because of the music they were dancing to. During this class you will learn to create your own dance for each & every song you dance to. Whether you are recreating dances that already exist, &/or creating dances that have yet to be made, everything will come from the music just like the original dances were formed.

Improvising with a partner

Learn how to use jazz steps to improvise on the social dance floor. This class will also include information on how to learn new moves/movements faster than the average dancer. If you are a shy, timid, or conservative dancer, this class will start to break you out of your shell so smoothly you won’t even notice it.

The Balance Forum

We all have areas in our dancing where we lose our balance and it is not always easy to know where or how we started to go wrong. This class will give you some techniques and games that will help improve your balance during your dancing.

Musicality Clinic

This class focuses on 3 different levels of musicality (phrasing, tension, and the details), and gives you some ideas as well as lots of practice in making your dancing interpret the music within each of the 3 levels.

Send us your votes, either via FB or e-mail; looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Choices, Choices, Choices!

Lots going on now! Scroll down for details, and be sure to check the calendar on the right.  We have an explosion of Dance events here on Maui for July and August !

Christine Corey has added a Beginning Swing Class in downtown Lahaina on Tuesday nights! 7pm, July 23rd, 30th, and August 6.  The Wharf Cinema Center, Room 142 next to bus stop entrance on Luakini St. Everyone Welcome, no partner needed, $10 per class. And she is also teaching her Crash Course in Swing in Paia on Monday nights, till August 5. For more details on all her classes email olyswing@gmail.com

Blues Dance Workshop and Community Dance Party with The Lost Keys! Saturday, August 3, Maui Living Spa at the Paia Yoga Building, 161 Hana Hwy.  Workshop from 6 till 7:30 in Contemporary Social Dance Essentials. Followed by Intro Blues Dance. 8pm, Dance Party with music by Christine Corey and the The Lost Keys! $10 at door for everything, $5 for Dance and intro blues lesson only, after 7:30. Questions? email  olyswing@gmail.com

Catherine Liggett of Portland is teaching  Beginning Blues in Wailuku on 3 Tuesday nights!   July 30, August 6, and August 13.  7:30 – 9pm.   $10 per class, or $25 for all 3.  Click on the flyer below to read the details.

Thanks to everyone who danced at the Pi’ilani Villages Shopping Center for the Summer Bash!  Jimmy Mac and the Kool Kats played and we all had fun.